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Club Factory is an online shopping app. Most of the fashion items are available in it. From clothing to all household items, these trendy accessories are available. In these household items, all the household items like electrical items, living room items, children’s play items, play items, fitness goods, many products are available.

Presently, Club Factory is offering its customers offers and discounts on every item during the ongoing festive season in India. The company has introduced many attractive offers on many of its products on the occasion of festive. Therefore, now the company would like to make its customers even more happy and will start giving more attractive offers and discounts than before so that the number of users can increase.

1. In the Club Factory app, you can find many different types of Stylish products like Shoes, Bags, Jewellery, Beauty, Health, Books, Electronics, Watches, Sports & Fitness etc.

2. In the Club Factory app, you get many different types of coupons and discounts, so that you can buy the products available on it cheaply.

3. The Club Factory app offers its new users lots of discounts, great sales, coupons and free gifts etc.

4. Club Factory app often gives its new users Rs.99 and up to 90% off on most of the products along with a huge sale every month with Weekend.

5. In Club Factory App, you can pay for your products through Cash On Delivery and apart from this you can also pay with the help of your Paytm, Net Banking, Debit and Credit Card.


club factory india

Club Factory is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle e-commerce store, While shopping online at club factory, you are shown the products of Club Factory Best Seller, where you get to see new fashion trends, always unique fashion trends on clubfactory app Enjoy Free Shipping Products with Cash on Delivery Facility.

Club Factory Shoes Men / Women

At Club Factory you get the perfect stylist and unique shoes. Be it boys or girls, you will definitely find shoes of everyone’s choice here. At Club Factory you get to see a great range of Sports Shoes, Casual Shoes, Boot, Formal Shoes, Sneaker, Party Shoes,

Club Factory Shirts

When it comes to fashion, the name of club factory is not possible, here you will find a huge range of Casual Shirts, Formal Shirts, Party Wear Shirts, Denim Shirts, Checker Shirts, Printed Shirts for Boys and Girls.

Club Factory Jacket

Everyone wants a great jacket in the winter season. And he wants the jacket to be different in appearance. At club factory you will find different types of designs in Denim Jacket, Leather jacket, Party wear Jacket, Neck Zipper Jacket, Waxed Jacket which are appealing to you at a glance.

Club Factory T-Shirts

T-Shirts are very comfortable to wear in the summer season. And it is also important to have stylist T-Shirts to look different. Club Factory is at the forefront of style. In club factory you will find different types of T-Shirts like Polo T-Shirts, V Neck T-Shirt, Henley Neck T-Shirt, Scoop Neck T-Shirt, Baggy Style T-Shirt and many more.

Club Factory Sarees

Be it any festival or wedding saree is the first choice of women. And at Club Factory you will find Kanjeevaram Sarees, Banarasi Sarees, Chanderi Sarees, Bandhej Sarees, Sambalpuri Sarees, Baluchari Sarees, Paithani Sarees, Bomkai Sarees which are not to be seen anywhere.

Club Factory Dresses

If you want to go for a walk or go to a party, then do not forget to visit Club Factory because you get to see the most trendy Dresses on Club Factory. You can choose Best Dresses as per your choice.

Club Factory for Men’s

The most stunning and different designs of Men’s products and clothes are seen only at Club Factory. Club Factory Seller brings very much liked products for you people. You must visit Club Factory Men’s.

Club Factory download

By the way, Club Factory is banned in India. Still, if you want to download Club Factory, then visit Play Store, from there you can download Club Factory App.

Club Factory bags

In today’s time handbag is not just for carrying luggage, but now it has become synonymous with style. You may wear simple clothes but if your handbag is stylish then it also makes your look stylish. There are different styles of handbags available in club Factory App.

In such a situation, if you do not understand something, then you can clear your confusion by visiting this, on Club Factory you will get sling bags, clutch, backpack, tote, transparent bags, belt bags very easily.

Club Factory Boots Men/Women

Boots are very comfortable in winter, it gives relief from cold along with stylish look. If you want comfort with style and that too in your budget, then you will find more than one leather Boots For Men at Club Factory. Here you will get a chance to buy shoes worth Rs.3000 in just Rs.950. If you also love boots then this is a great opportunity for you. You will find all these boots at Club Factory.

Men’s Leather Commando Boots

Cobra Men’s Canvas Jungle Tough

Men’s High Ankle Commando

Men’s Synthetic Leather Lace Up Boots

Men’s Trekking Boots

Club Factory Bra

Women pay close attention to the colour, fabric, style, etc. while buying a bra, and you can find all kinds of bras at Club Factory. But does not pay special attention to the fitting and utility of the bra. The most important thing when buying a bra is the fitting of the bra. Along with this, what kind of bra you wear with which outfit is also very important. The wrong choice of bra can not only spoil the look of your well-dressed, but can also prove to be harmful for health.

That is why it is very important to wear the right fitting bra according to the outfit. Let us know how many varieties Club Factory Bra keeps. Maximizer bra, minimizer bra, underwired bra, T-shirt bra, sports bra, daily wear bra, tube top bra, pushup bra, dress up bra, demi-cup bra, maternity bra, multiwear bra, etc.

Club Factory Coat Paint

Coat-pants or say suit, is the formal wear of men and everyone wears it on special occasions. One can say that a lot of people wait for such occasions when they get a chance to see themselves in this gentleman outfit. This is the reason why coat-pants are associated with men’s style, but this style fades completely, when even after spending a lot of money, the suit is not going well on you.

You are never able to get the best look of the suit. Then you have found your favorite suit even after hard work. But in the future it will not happen if you start taking care of some very granular things. Just put aside the money you buy and wear and visit Club Factory, here you will get to see the best coat-pants, Club Factory review many coat-pants and bring you the best coat-pants collection.

club factory ethnic wear

It is very rare to see any festival in India and people not wearing Ethnic Wear. Ethnic Wear is in great demand nowadays even in the e-commerce website. In websites like Club Factory, you will find many options for Ethnic Wear and which will add to your beauty.

This time if you are thinking of wearing a kurti on the festival of Dussehra or Diwali, then visiting Club Factory is a very good option. Printed kurtas online are available here at very low prices and are a very good option for those who like ethnic wear. Club Factory brings to you a wide range of ethnic wear.

club factory gown

You can also buy designer clothes and dresses from the online shopping website Club Factory. Today is a golden opportunity for you to buy designer and stylish gowns because today Club Factory is on sale for stylish gowns. From this sale, you can take advantage of attractive offers and buy the gown of your choice at a very low price.

club factory girl dress

While shopping for baby clothes, we have to take special care of many things. If we choose the wrong clothes in style and fashion, then in such a situation, problems arise for the children. Children are not comfortable wearing such clothes. We should buy clothes keeping in mind the weather and the comfort of the children. If you are planning to shop for your baby girl, then you must visit Club Factory Club Factory, you get to see the style and fashion trends.

club factory goggles

Earlier goggles were worn only to avoid dust and allergens, but now it has become a part of fashion. Designer and different style sunglasses are wooing the youth who are fond of stylish and attractive look. These days, colorful goggles with big frames of Dabangai style are being preferred in fashion.

Rebon style goggles are one of the fashion trends in the market these days. It is very popular due to its reasonable range and attractive look. Although eye wears are available in all colors in the market, there is a high demand for black, brown, gray and red colors at Club Factory.

Girls are attracted by blue and pink colors. In these, half frame with square, double stick and thick steak is being liked a lot these days. Branded on Club Factory website these days goggles of Odie, Reebok and Singapore are in trend.

club factory jeans Men/Women

There is a tremendous craze about jeans among youngsters. This is such an outfit that can be worn as a regular wear as well as in party-functions, with this its fashion never ends. If you also want to order stylish jeans for yourself then you can buy from Club Factory at very affordable price. Their stitching and finishing are of excellent quality, they are lightweight and comfortable. You will also find many color options in these.

A good jeans gives a stylish look to your personality, while it is comfortable to wear and it is also very easy to maintain. Whether you want to buy yourself a new jeans or want to add another great jeans to your collection, order it from Club Factory. Here you will find a wide range of high quality comfortable jeans.

club factory jumpsuit

While there was a trend of waist belted and buttoned jumpsuits on Club Factory till some time back, now the trend of body hugging plain jumpsuit has started and common girls are also following this trend after seeing the celebrities.

Jumpsuits are very much in trend these days. From Bollywood divas to TV celebrities, they are seen wearing jumpsuits. Until recently, where there was a trend of belted and buttoned jumpsuits at the waist, now the trend of body hugging plain jumpsuit has started and after seeing the celebrities, common girls are also following this trend a lot. Visit Club Factory to see the latest jumpsuit designs.

club factory hoodies

The fashion of clothing varies according to the season. Whether it is summer or winter, people wear clothes following their own calculations and the fashion of that time. At the same time, the fashion of hoodie in winter can make you stylish with its changing trends. The hoodie, which is a pattern of sweaters with a hat, dates back to medieval times. Earlier it was in the design of clothes worn by Buddhist monks.

On the other hand, if style professionals are to be believed, the head sweatshirts originated in America in 1930 for workers working in cold New York warehouses. According to celebrity stylists, it is very difficult to think of one item of clothing that has gained as much acceptance in all walks of life as the hoodie. The club factory has a vast and latest trend of hoodies.

club factory joggers

Fashion changes rapidly. These days jeans are changing again. Youngsters also take care of the comfort level along with the unique in their fashion. This is the reason that these days the demand for joggers jeans and trousers is increasing among the youth. For the past few months, joggers jeans have been quite a hit among the youngsters on Club Factory.

According to experts, since jogger jeans are giving a new and unique look to the youngsters, while they are also special in terms of comfort, in such a situation, youngsters are very fond of this look. The special thing is that joggers jeans and trousers are special in wooing both male and female. You will find a huge range of trendy joggers at Club Factory.

club factory kurti

Heavy winter dresses are now being packed and it is time for light and stylish clothes. If you are also searching for beautiful Kurti for yourself, then you will get a lot of variety at Club Factory and you can order them from here at very affordable prices. Made from soft and lightweight fabric, this Kurti for Women on Club Factory looks very beautiful and in the latest fashion. Here you will find more than one beautiful and designer kurtis which are also comfortable to wear.

Holi festival is around the corner and if you want to get a great kurti for this special occasion then order it from Club Factory. Here you will find a lot of variety of latest fashion Kurti for Women on Club Factory. They are comfortable to wear and their fabric is also of good quality. You can find it here in Rayon, Cotton or whatever fabric you like.

club factory night suit

You need such a Night Suit For Women On Club Factory for your comfort, which is comfortable as well as gives a smart look. There are many such night suits available at the club factory, which you can buy as per your requirement. Their fabric is in soft cotton or satin. The design is so amazing that you will feel like ordering right away.

You are planning to buy a Night Suit For Women On Club Factory for yourself or someone as a gift and wondering where to get one. To end this problem of yours, we have brought some of the best night suits for you. These are all available in soft and comfortable fabrics like cotton and satin. You can wear them very comfortably at home. You can order these from Club Factory.

club factory plazo suit

Palazzo Pants is the new trend of fashion nowadays, people wear Palazzo in many ways nowadays but if you want to wear something comfortable and stylish then definitely choose Palazzo today. Over the years, people have worn palazzos in many different ways. Apart from being comfy and stylish, they are also extremely versatile. Club factory is full of trendy plazo suits.

In such a situation, if you want, you can wear palazzes by fashioning them in many different ways. It is not only popular among ladies of all ages but also suits all kinds of style sense. Most of us can wear palazzo pants in at most one or two ways. But you can wear them in many ways Club factory has come up with a new range of plazo suits.

club factory watches Men/Women

Here you will get a good collection of Men’s Watch in your budget. These Men’s Watch have a premium quality stainless steel strap. Wearing these you will get your favorite look, as well as you will feel very comfortable. You will get the casual and party wear Men’s Watch On Club Factory at a much lower price than the market. If you want to buy the latest fashion and new design Men’s Watch instead of your old watches,

then you will not get a better opportunity to do your favorite shopping in your budget sitting at home. If there is a matching watch in hand along with the clothes, then the look becomes complete.

How to shop

It is very easy to buy a product online from Club Factory and do online shopping, if you want to buy any product then follow these steps.

Step-1 First of all click on the product you want to buy and now the button of Check Price will appear below, click on it.

After clicking, you are redirected to Amazon’s website where we have selected the best products for you.

Step-2 After that choose the color and model of that product and then click on Confirm button.

Step-3 Now to whichever address you want to get the delivery of that product, put all the information of that address there and then click on the Confirm button.

Step-4 Now choose your Payment Method and in Payment Method you get the option of Paytm, Net Banking, Debit and Credit Card and Cash On Delivery etc. After that click on Place Order button.

Step-5 In this way you can very easily do online shopping from Club Factory App and the ordered product will reach the address given by you after few days.

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Club Factory is a Chinese company that was established on June 7, 2014 and is headquartered in Hangzhou Zhejiang (China). Club Factory is a type of e-commerce app that you can buy many types of goods online for very little money. Club Factory is one of the best shopping platform in India. It provides you the best of the best fashionable, unique dress etc. 

These are available in both website and app. These are available on playstore. Club Factory is an online shopping website. Most of the fashion items are available in it. From clothing to all household items, these trendy accessories are available. In these household items, all the household items like electrical items, living room items, children’s play items, play items, fitness goods, many products are available. Presently, Club Factory is offering its customers offers and discounts on every item during the ongoing festive season in India. The company has introduced many attractive offers on its products on the occasion of festive. 

Now after the report of maximum downloads of club factory app, the company would like to make its customers even more happy and will start giving more attractive offers and discounts than before so that the number of their users can increase. From Club Factory, you get items like Women clothing, Men Clothing, Shoes, Watches, Accessories, Bags, Electronics, Home and Living, Kids and Baby, Toys, Beauty and Health, Sports & Fitness, Office, Automotive etc. In this, you can easily buy more than 2,000,000 different types of new products. 

You get everything in different categories and subcategory. Here you get discount on almost all the items. That’s why Club Factory is looking good in terms of shopping. With Club Factory, you can easily shop for new types of stylish products like shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, home decoration, electronics, watches, beauty, health, books, products for office, sports & fitness etc. And you can also get coupons and huge discounts from Club Factory.

2. For the new user in Club Factory, you can take advantage of discounts, flash sales, coupons, free gifts & great deals etc. Due to all this, you can earn more money for less money. 

3. 99 rupees and up to 80% discount is available for every new user. And also there is Weekend for every month, Mega Shell for every month. 

4. Here you can also do Cash On Delivery for any product. And here you can use Paytm, netbanking, debit and credit cards. 

5. In Club factory App, you can spin and win gifts like mobile, coupon and product. However, there are other similar online shopping websites such as Club Factory. The only thing that makes Club Factory better than other websites is the helpful customer care and a very good return policy. You can buy whatever you want and if you don’t like the item ordered, you can exchange or return it without any hassle. 

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